12' Eclipse
This is a 12' wood Eclipse on a wood tower.  It is olive green with red tips.

Location:  SPWA Park

Fairbanks Morse of Beloit, Wisconsin made these mills.  It is one of the first solid wheel mills made.  It has a half-moon weight to hold it in the wind.  Smithsonian paid Johna Laubhan to make a replica of the Eclipse that J.B. donated to the Smithsonian for J.B. to put on his farm.  This mill has a new wheel and tails made by the SPWA workers.

This mill was raised on June 6, 2002 at the SPWA Park during the International Windmill Tradefair 2002 held in Spearman.  J.D. Wilbanks used his steam engine to raise the mill.

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Eclipse Windmill History