5' Monitor Exhibit
This is a 5' Model V Monitor open single back geared steel windmill mounted on a 5' steel stub tower.  This stub is mounted on a two wheel trailer for towing.

This mill was obtained by the SPWA in Colorado.  Little is known of its history before being owned by the SPWA.  It has been restored by J.D. Wilbanks which consisted of some machine work and painting.  The tail was lettered by Wanda Reed.

The trailer was donated to the SPWA by O.E. and Sandra Drake of Waka, Texas.  It was originally used to haul a motorcycle on.  The SPWA modified it to put this mill and sign on.

The sign and painting of the trailer was donated by Terry Scnneider of Spearman, Texas.

The mill and trailer is available to be exhibited or shown at any kind of show or parade.  When not being used it is stored in Dwayne Mitchell's barn.