8' Aermotor
This is an 8' steel Aermotor on a 20' steel Aermotor tower.

Location:  3 and 1/2 miles East of Spearman on Farm Road # 759

This mill came from H.L. Wilbanks' pasture North of Old Hansford.  Donated to J.D. Wilbanks by Ray Phelps.  J.D. rebuilt the mill and put it up on April 7, 1990.  J.D. developed the concept of the 2" pipe base hinged to pipe legs set in concrete.  This was used on the museum mill, and later adopted by the SWPA for use on their steel towers.  It has recently been modified to use on wood towers also.  This mill has a recirculating pump that pumps water into a 4' tank when the mill is running.

Privately owned by J.D. and Rubyjo Wilbanks


Aermotor Windmill History