Bishop Cottage

 Sammie's Suite
John's Quarters
Nancy's Kitchen
 Living Area
Hebrews 13:2

The Bishop Cottage was purchased in June 2002 by Brian and Gina Gillispie.  The original owners were John and Sammie Bishop and the original deeds and abstracts date back to the early 1900's and include Thomas Spearman's name, founder of Spearman, Texas, as well as some familiar names that you find on our city street signs.   The house is small, but offers a quaint and romantic setting.

Accommodations include a kitchen/dining area, living area, bath w/shower and Sammie's Suite which you will find feminine and romantic and John's Quarter's that sports a rustic hunter's mood.  Coming soon will be a private outdoor area with a pond, gazebo, and old porch swing.  A place to unwind and get away from it all.  Conveniently located to downtown Spearman which really doesn't matter, because "no matter where you are in Spearman, you're only 5 miles from where you need to be"...

Spearman is an interesting little community full of history.  We have the lovely Palo Duro Lake located just 12 miles away and is a wintering site for the American Bald Eagle and other rare bird species , Charles Lindbergh landed here in 1934, we offer great hunting, hiking, fishing, and nature, the Famous Adobe Walls Battle site is located 30 miles S, and we are home to the Historic J.B. Buchanan Windmill Collection!  There's a museum in the city, and a 2 screen theatre...plenty to do...or not!

~~would you believe~~

On Sunday, July 28th, 2002, I was digging in the flower bed in the back yard of the cottage.  During the renovation, we discovered three charming brick sidewalks that had been grown over with grass.  These bricks came from a kiln in Kansas and were used to brick the streets of Spearman in 1917.  As I was moving some of the bricks around that had been used to border the flower bed, I unearthed this......

The next morning, I scanned the artifact and emailed it to Brett Cruse who is the Regional Archeologist for the Texas Panhandle for the Texas Historic Commission.  He emailed me back and told me he thought it was a projectile point dating to the Late Archaic Period that dated back 2,000 to 5,000 years ago for the Texas Panhandle.  He suggested that I call our local THC Steward and have him come look.  Doug was here within a few days.  After washing it and studying it, he agreed with the time period, but thought it to be a bi-facial, hafted knife from chert in Kay, Oklahoma.  He told me that the Indians of that time lived in the Panhandle Region because of all the playa lakes.
John and Sammie never had children, yet because of this project, they live on.  It was never a question of what we would call their home, or that we would give the rooms their given names.  I really feel they have blessed us from heaven above by sending us this amazing gift and it fills me with great satisfaction to know that there are miracles around us every day and you just might find them digging in the dirt.


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