Cemetery Records

This site on the East side of Palo Duro Creek was designated by the County as it's first burial plot.  Mrs. Alfie P. McGee, wife of Hansford County's first sheriff, died January 7, 1890, and marks the first grave. 
In 1891, a tornado destroyed the courthouse, then under construction, killing two workmen---Pete Winsell and a Mr. Williamson from Kansas City, Missouri.  These were the next two people to be buried in this new cemetery. 
Settlers before the year 1900 buried here are: 
J.H. Cator, B.O. Cator, Les Cator, J.H. Wright, M.B. Wright, and B.P. Ward 
This was the only official cemetery in the County until 1928.  This information was obtained from people who were living around the neighborhood at that time.  This information was recently found at the Stationmaster's House Museum.
Board Members are: 
Don Maize, President 
Ronnie Willis, VP 
Lynanne Maize, Secretary/Treasurer 
Don Reed 
Bob Meek 
Elaine Odegaard 

Joe Potts from Gruver is an employee of both the Hansford Cemetery and the Gruver Cemetery.  He is responsible for mowing and weeding for both cemeteries.  The upkeep for each plot that is curbed or enclosed in any manner is the responsibility of the owner.  The only support for the cemetery is through generous donations and memorials.  All donations can be sent to Hansford Cemetery Association, 707 E. 2nd, Spearman, Texas 79081.
Any of the board members listed above can be contacted for more information or Bob Boxwell @ 806-659-3802
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