"I grew up in a small Oklahoma panhandle town just 50 miles from Spearman. For two years prior to moving to Spearman I traveled regularly to fourteen towns in seven counties located in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. When you visit as many towns as I did, you learn to judge the character of a town real quick and I was always impressed with the appearance of the community and the warmth of the people in Spearman. So when a job opportunity came up 10 years ago, we took it. Now that I live here I know that the people are genuine and they take pride in their community. I am indeed lucky to be able to raise my family in Spearman."

"Back in 1978, my family had the opportunity to leave Atlanta, Georgia and move to Spearman. Since I had grown up in Abilene, Texas and had, by this time, decided that I was not a 'big city' person, this seemed like a good idea. Little did I know then what a wonderful little town I was going to be calling home! My oldest daughter, who was only nine, quickly adapted to small-town life and was absolutely amazed at the freedom she had suddenly acquired. She could ride her bicycle over to a friend's house or downtown to the drugstore for a Coke. She could even go to the movies without having to take one of her parents along. I remember vividly when we had only lived in Spearman about a month, she loudly proclaimed that if we moved again, it would be without her because she was going to stay here to grow up!

"There are some things that I love about this town. I love that you can stand on 7th and Barkley and look to the left and see all the way to the end of town, and look to the right, and see all the way to the end of town.

I love that I could walk out of my office with a great big box of trash and interrupt two magicians sharing tricks and have them both hop up and take my load from me...with one saying, "Do you need some help?" and the other..."Can I give you a hand...I only have one."

I love that we have a First Grade Graduation that would make a grown man cry. (Many of them did). And during that graduation, along with a diploma, each and every child received an award that signified their own unique quality...that they learned a song with sign language to go with it about the joy in "My Father's House," that a beautiful song could be sung about their small bodies being "temples," and that when the teachers read a poem at the end, they couldn't make it to the next period without their voice cracking. And that I could walk into a classroom when it was over and see a little girl with her head on her desk crying because she didn't WANT to go to 2nd grade!

This community is so very blessed with teachers who love what they do, school board and faculty members that take time out to make themselves part of things, and parents who love and support the children that our indeed our most precious gifts.

Carla, Jennifer, and Kristi...your impact is incredible and Spearman is so lucky to have you!"

"I'm a fifth generation Texan and Spearmanite. My great, great grandfather was sheriff here and all of the men in my family since him have grown up on these same streets where my three children are growing up. We lived in Littleton, Colorado for three years when I was aggressively pursuing my career. As the children began to come along, my wife and I decided that nowhere has a better quality of life than Spearman. So we came back."
"Having been approached concerning the position at The O'Loughlin Center, I took a day and drove to Spearman. The day was spent visiting the various retail businesses, driving though the residential areas, looking at the schools, parks, churches, public library, everything. "
"I was impressed with Spearman in so many ways. It was such a neat, clean town with wide streets and parks in excellent shape. It was obvious people took lots of pride in their town because it showed everywhere, the Courthouse Square, the schools, the nursing home and hospital, the banks, and especially the residential areas. AND THE PEOPLE, oh so friendly, so helpful, none of whom knew who I was or why I was there."
"If I was going to leave my Oklahoma home of 27 years, Spearman was the place I wanted to live. After 19 months here, my feelings are still the same as that first impression. It's a great place to live!"
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