*The Clementine*
Country Guest Houses


The Complex

A complex of adobe pink stucco buildings on a historic working ranch in the Texas Panhandle.  The houses have been pink since Aunt Clementine moved them onto the ranch in the early 1950's and painted them.  When the houses were repainted in the summer of 2002, the neighbors asked the family to please not change the color, as the houses have become landmarks, and directions in this area are given by way of the pink houses!

The pastures on the ranch all have names of which the cowboys refer to when working the cattle.  The place is called "The Clementine", named after Aunt Clementine Venneman Renner.  Her parents settled the land in 1906, and a 5th generation is now living on the ranch which has been in continuous operation by the Venneman Family.

Come and enjoy a stay in these vintage houses on the prairie, visit the Beef Barn where dry, aged, hormone free beef raised right here on the ranch, is retailed.  There is plenty of room in the barn for gatherings, and delicious, old fashioned meals from the beef is available.

Take time to tour the Stationmaster's House Museum of which Clementine and Gus were the founders.  Also, don't miss the beautiful view of Palo Duro Lake which is only 7 miles from here.  Gruver and Spearman have good restaurants and delightful gift shops and clothing stores.  Enjoy your visit!

14120 FM 1261

  In addition to the Clementine, Joe T. and family also operate 3JBeef, Inc.