Since the 16th century, the Texas Panhandle has drawn visitors from around the world. Cornado, the first European to see vast open spaces, crossed these Plains in 1541, sixty years before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. He was followed by buffalo hunters and cattlemen in search of opportunity. The Indians were already here, and these brave pioneers must have had a vision and tenacity that would bring these two ways of life into a blend of colorful heritage.

Hansford County was surveyed in 1876, organized in 1899, and Spearman became the county seat in May of 1917.

Today, much of the county remains as it must have been thousands of years ago, virtually untouched by humans and a perfect place to enjoy vast expanses of unspoiled terrain. The land and sky stretch for miles and miles, with no sign of technology in view. The area is diverse with mesas, rocky breaks, rolling hills, quiet country roads, and of course flat lands. The weather is just as diverse. February occasionally reaches eighty degrees followed by a May snow the same year. Blizzards and violent thunderstorms are common, with lots of pleasant days in between. You can count on breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that are beyond compare!

Hansford County has many ponds, lakes, fishing holes, and even a 3800 foot dam with forty miles of shore. Roaming the plains, you will see cattle, horses, sheep, goats, turkey, deer, antelope, buffalo, crane, quail, pheasant, road runners, and even a domestic zebra, ostrich, or emu!

This area of the Texas Panhandle is rich in oil and gas, and there are acres of wheat, corn, milo, and CRP grass. The 1930, three story court house commands one end of the brick main street, where most buildings date from the mid to late thirties. This is where the town holds it's seasonal festivals and you might occasionally find an old timer selling his fresh garden produce.

The city of Spearman boasts the World's Largest Outdoor Windmill Collection, and nationally renowned Adobe Walls is only seventeen miles away.

The citizens of Hansford County enjoy a way of life, hardworking and down to earth, yet progressive and savvy, that is the envy of many. Here you'll find a unique blend of American culture which offers a lure that is bigger than imagination!