Stan Cobb left his teaching position at Baylor College of Dentistry and his private practice in the Metroplex of Dallas-Ft. Worth for the benefits of small town life in Spearman, Texas. Dr. Cobb did so as "a life style change" to benefit his family. After ten years in Spearman Stan declares, "No regrets, no second thoughts. It was a decision that was good for me, my wife, and our two kids." The most unusual aspect of Cobb's moving to the Texas panhandle is that the decision was made after only a one hour visit here.

Cobb set out to find another place to live when he decided it was time to leave the Metroplex. He chose the panhandle of Texas as the area where he would like to bring his family. Then he began to ask around about suitable towns who needed a dentist. An old friend suggested Spearman. Once here, it only took an hour to decide this was the place.

Once settled on the plains, a second career developed for Dr. Cobb as an artist of sorts and a humorist. As a published author of both prose and poetry, Cobb is a sought after speaker at schools, banquets, and dinners. His comical perspective on small town living has led to several appearances on television. Cobb's personal favorite TV appearance was a Fox Television comedy entitled "The Best of the Worst." Stan Cobb also cowboys a little and of course, continues to practice dentistry in Spearman.

He has often commented that if he had stayed in Dallas he would still just be a plain ole' dentist.

What makes a family decide to move 400 miles from the Metroplex to a small town after only a one hour visit? Stan Cobb replies with one word, "freedom." He then adds, "quality of life."

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Stanton W. Cobb, D.D.S.
Family Practice of Dentistry and Orthodontics
802 South Roland
Spearman, TX 79081

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