The style of living in Spearman, Texas is like an endangered species. It is a lifestyle that is vanishing to most of the country, and we who live in Spearman are lucky enough to be able to enjoy that lifestyle. People are friendly, here. The atmosphere is clean. The community is safe. Business is good.

Recreational activities are varied. The most advanced technology is accessible. We combine the best of all worlds for the approaching millennium with a small town flavor.

Families benefit greatly from the experience of living and growing up in Spearman. Our kids can play safely outside. They can bike or walk to a friend's across town, to the pool, or to school activities. They receive an excellent education in our public schools. After graduation from high school, seventy-five to eighty percent of them go on to pursue degrees at all types of colleges and universities within the area and beyond. In Spearman our children grow up to be responsible, involved citizens.

Families can more readily enjoy the advantage of buying a home in Spearman. The price per square foot for a new or existing home in Spearman is considerably lower than most places in the country. Good neighbors and friends come along with living in our town.

The climate of our business community is one of Spearman's greatest assets. Our financial institutions boast of more than $120,000,000 in deposits, one of the highest deposit bases per capita in Texas. These institutions are ready to make business loans! The fact that Texas has no state income tax and our reasonable property and city tax rates make Spearman an attractive place to own property and do business.

Local service and retail shops are home-owned and operated by people who care about both their customers and the products and services they provide. Many products found in area malls are available in Spearman. Yet, some of our specialty products, crafted by local artisans, are so unique they can only be found in Spearman.

Traditional agricultural industries like cattle and grain crops, are integral parts of our business community. Likewise, some non-traditional livestock industries flourish in Spearman. Both ostrich and emus are raised in our area.

Getting to work in Spearman is not a subject for concern, even during "rush hour." Traffic jams are non-existent here. We spend less than five minutes driving to or from work, daily. The short driving time to any location in town makes it possible for us to participate in many activities during the work day such as joining our children during our coffee or lunch breaks for their special activities at school.

We enjoy many state of the art facilities and services in Spearman. Our 13,000 square foot community center offers fitness, and presentation equipment which is available to the entire area. The police department, fire department, and ambulance services are second to none in the Texas panhandle. Spearman's nursing home enjoys top ratings in the state.

Spearman is within reasonable driving and/or flight time to many major cities. We are positioned half way between Dallas and Denver, each of which is about 2.5 hours away by air, including travel time to the Amarillo International Airport. Amarillo, population 165,000, is 95 minutes from Spearman by car while Oklahoma City is four hours away. The Sangra de Cristo Mountains and the Rocky Mountains are only four and six hours away, respectively. Snow skiers can leave Spearman at 6 a.m. and arrive, by car, at a slope in time for the lifts to open. (An hour is gained at the Mountain Time line in New Mexico.)

Spearman offers its own recreational activities for young and old alike. Little League, Scouts, a swim team, high school athletics, and eight city parks are only a few of the choices available for our young people. Palo Duro Lake is only twelve minutes away and tee times are no problem at Hansford Golf Club or any of the other twelve golf courses in the area. Lake Meredith is forty-five minutes away and our pheasant hunting is unmatched anywhere in the state.

As you can see, life is good in Spearman and we are proud of it! Please continue browsing our pages for information on life in the "peaceful lane", or e-mail us by using the button below and we'll send you printed information by "snail mail." Our goal for this site is to entice you to enjoy life to the fullest by living in and doing business from Spearman, Texas.

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