Hansford County


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Hansford County
Hansford County, third county from the West on the top row of Texas, is 900 square miles, 36 degrees North, and 101 Degrees West, population 5,369 and includes Gruver, Morse, and the county seat of Spearman.

In 1870, the great buffalo hunt began in earnest.  Kansas and Colorado were the first to be picked clean of the great shaggy beasts.  Hunters then turned their attention to Texas.  Using Adobe Walls as a supply point, they combed the Panhandle in search of fresh hides.  The buffalo slaughter in Texas peaked in 1876 and was over in 1879.  Englishman, James H.  Cator was among the most successful hunters.  Cator shot an estimated 16,000 buffalo between 1872 and 1875.  They moved thier camp to Paladura (Palo Duro) Creek in present Hansford County in November 1873.  Billy Dixon was among the Anglo hunters and he prized a rare white buffalo hide.  Paladura Creek became the lifelong home of the James and Bob Cator who built a pole building with cottonwood from the creek and called it the Zulu Stockade.  It was named for a British war going on in Africa at the time.  It later became the first post office (1880) and was a trading post on the Dodge City-Tascosa Trail.
And so....Hansford County begins....the rolling prairies extended for mile after mile without a broken plot.  As farming moved into the area, there became increased growth.  The early pioneers faced breaking the land and planting grain with much of the work done by hand.  A man could file on 4 sections provided he improve them while living one 1.  He paid $16.00 per section down payment, and $1.00 per acre with the balance to be paid over a 40 year period @ 3% interest.
In the early 1900's, the railroad began to operate.  In May of 1917, Spearman was platted and named for Thomas E. Spearman, Vice President of the Sante Fe Railroad.  The town began while the promotion fo the railroad was underway and became the county seat.  By 1921, the town became incorporated and city officials were named.
Today, Hansford County is alive with oil/gas/cattle/crops and the pioneer spirit of those who have remained in this, their beloved home.


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