Dear Prospective Spearman Citizen,

Now that you have taken a tour of Spearman, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a personal invitation for you to join us so that you may enjoy the benefits of rural life in our town.

Why are we so bold as to think you may be interested in moving to our community? After all, if you locate us on the map there are several things which would seem to put us at an economic disadvantage. Examples of these are:

What qualities, then, do we possess which cause us to think that you may be interested in relocating your family and business in Spearman? Here are a few for starters: The point is that while some may think of these characteristics as disadvantages to our town, most of our citizens see them as benefits because our families do not have to cope with the problems which are inherent with the so called "advantages." Problems such as high crime rates, transients, industrial pollution, traffic jams, gangs, the list goes on and on, do not exist in Spearman.

While we are not isolated from the business and recreational world, (a quick look at our cultural, recreational, and support service pages will prove this) we do enjoy a lifestyle which has disappeared in most parts of America. This is a lifestyle which builds character, integrity, and pride into our youth and which allows our elderly to enjoy their remaining years instead of living them in fear.

If you are interested in joining us for such a life, please contact us via the e-mail button, call us, or drop us a note in the mail. We would be glad to answer any questions and address any need which you may have in regards to relocating in our town. Let us know how we can be of help when you come and spend some time in our community. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you some West Texas hospitality.

Your Chamber of Commerce Team Leaders

Spearman Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President, Gina Gillispie
Spearman Chamber of Commerce President of the Board, Missie Bates
Spearman Chamber of Commerce Women's Division President, Judy Yarbrough
Spearman Chamber of Commerce Retail Merchants Association President, Frosty Hickerson

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