Stationmaster's House Museum
30 South Townsend
Spearman, Texas 79081

Clementine and the late Gus Renner are founders of the Stationmaster's House Museum

1-5 P.M.
Also by appointment
Admission Free
Reba Hunter, Keeper of the Keys

The carved wooden Indian was created by a chain saw artist f rom a dead elm tree.  Khaliga, the Wooden Indian, stands guard at the entrance of the Stationmaster's House Museum which opened in 1975.

When Spearman was founded on a branch of the Sante Fe Railroad in 1920, this four room cottage was built for the station master and his family.  He represented a business vital to the economy of the area.  He supervised passengers and freight service,  operation of the telegraph, loading and unloading the US Mail.  In the 1920's, the station here was especially busy handling supplies and equipment for oil and gas fields in the Texas Panhandle.  When the Santa Fe Railroad was discontinued in early 1980, the depot was donated to the museum by the railroad.  It is attached to the main house with a hallway passage added.
In 1989, a Santa Fe Railroad caboose was purchased through the Santa Fe Railroad in Wichita, Kansas.  At the time of the purchase, the 1965 caboose was a working model.

The most recent addition to the Stationmaster's House Museum is the AermoterWindmill that adds to the World Famous J.B. Buchanan Windmill Collection.

Zulu, Texas was the first building North of the Canadian River built by white men, Robert and James Cator, in 1875.  It became a major depot on the Ft. Dodge-Ft. Bascom military road.  Zulu Stockade was also used as a post office and trading post for a number of years.  A replica of the original Zulu was constructed in 1993 on the museum grounds.

Hansford County Historical Commission

Hansford County Historical Chairman, Jennie Blankenship
Historical Commission Members:  Joel Lee Lackey, Johnny Lee, Joyce Johnson, Helen Boyd, Joanne Eaton, J.D. Wilbanks, Rubyjo Wilbanks, Cindy Blackman, Clementine Renner, Don Reed, Wanda Reed, Irvin Boyd, Harry Stumpf, Lester McLain, Ruby McLain, Don Maize, Carolyn Cummings, and Gina Gillispie

Stationmaster's House Museum Board
Helen Boyd, President
Joanne Eaton, Secretary
Rubyjo Wilbanks, Historical and Museum Treasurer
Cindy Blackman, Secretary to Museum
Members:  Clementine Renner, J.D. Wilbanks, Don Reed, Wanda Reed, Irvin Boyd, Harry Stumpf, Lester McLain, Ruby McLain, Don Maize,Carolyn Cummings, and Gina Gillispie