January 21, 1999-
Hansford County Windmill Day
Spearman, Texas and Hansford County celebrated "Windmill Day In Hansford County" to mark the relocation of the J.B. Buchanan windmill collection to its present location at the entrance to Spearman. The following pictures tell a small part of the day's festivities.
Top: Mayor Burl Buchanan reads the proclamation honoring his father, J.B. (foreground) 

Belgian horses bring in the windmills

Roger, J.B. & Burl Buchanan (L-R) 

Below: J.B. breaks ground for the collection.

Senator, Teel Bivins 
awarding Roger and Burl 
Buchanan, the flag that flew over the Texas State Capitol on Windmill Day.

U.S. Congressman, Larry Combest, awarding   Mr. J.B. Buchanan, the flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.
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