Construction of Lake Palo Duro, by the Counties of Hansford and Moore and the City of Stinnett, was completed March 1991. The lake is 10 miles North of Spearman.

  • Total surface acres: 2,413 acres
  • Total land area: 8,983.5 acres
  • Approximate shore line: 48 miles
  • Drainage area of lake: 614 square miles
  • Height of dam: 128 feet
  • Length of dam: 3,800 feet
  • Lake capacity: 60,900 acre feet
  • Average depth: 46 feet
  • Depth of dam: 77 feet
  • 2 boat ramps with docks
  • Camping areas, picnic tables, and shelters
Fees are used for daily operations and maintenance of the park. We ask for your honest support so that we may better serve you.

 Destruction , injury, defacement, removal, or any alteration of public property including, but not limited to, developed facilities, natural formations, mineral deposits, historical and archeological features, and vegetative growth, is prohibited except when in accordance with written permission of the Palo Duro River Authority. Note: A fine of not more than $500.00 or imprisonment or both may be imposed for violations of the above rule.

Birding In Hansford County

The Clementine
B&B near the lake



1.  Recreation permit required of any person 13 years and older
2.  Camping and boat permits required
3.  Skiing, jet skiing, and tubing are prohibited
4  Trotlines or jug fishing prohibited
5.  Bag and possession must conform to state laws
6.  It is unlawful to use any game fish or gold fish as bait
7.  All boats must have one life jacket per person on board
8.  All motor driven vehicles shall be driven on main roads only
9.  Leash law enforced on pets
10. Horseback riding in designated areas only 
11. No digging allowed
12. Are must be left clean. Place trash in containers or carry out

Fee Amounts
Daily Entry:  $2.00 per person, 12 & under free
Daily Boat:  $2.00 + Entry Fee
Daily Camping:  $4.00 + Entry Fee
RV w/hookups:  $12.00 includes Entry Fee
Extra tent:  $4.00
Camping permits expire at 2 PM on the following day
Annual Family Entry Fee:  $30.00
Annual Individual Entry Fee:  $15.00
Annual Boat Permit:  $30.00
Lost Permit Replacement:  $2.00
Shelter Rent (by reservation only):  $35.00
Cleanup Deposit:  $25.00
For further information
Amarillo Globe News---Rick Storm

SPEARMAN--One of the best kept secrets in the Texas Panhandle lies nestled in the breaks of Horse Creek and Palo Duro Creek about 8 miles South of  Spearman, in Hansford County.

Go to Spearman, about 90 miles Northeast of Amarillo, and drive North on FM760.  5 miles down the road, the flat land begins to break, and the view gets better and better and better until Lake Palo Duro springs into sight.

"This is the first time for me to come here.  I really don't know how the fishing is," said Murray Arrington of Amarillo, as he cast his spinner into the water from a bait casting rig.  "I hear the blue cats are doing good.  "To know a lake, you've got to fish it as much as possible."  However, Arrington did have an observation..."I really like the structure of the lake, there are trees in the water and a lot of things you like to see."

Retired oilwell driller, Bob Wray, and his buddy Joe Brackeen, a retired roughneck, both 70 and from Perryton, parked their pickup and ambled to the bank.  Wray said the duo has fished the lake since it started.

"That was 1993," said Jim Derington, Palo Duro River Authority GM.  Construction on the dam began in 1991.

Wray said the lake features great fishing.  "We've caught some nice catfish here, "  he said.  "I've had 45 pound test lines broken more than once."  Wray also said crappie fishing time is looming.  "Right now's a pretty good time to start and we've got some pretty good walleye too."  There have been some 4-5 pounders caught before.

Another feature of the lake that Wray and Brackeen like is the fact you can fish off the bank.  They also like the solitude, noting that jet skis and skiing are not allowed.

Derington said people like what they see when they come out here.  Officials have taken pains to see that the lake was well stocked, the latest coming with 2 million walleye released in April.  Since the first stocking of gizzard chad in 1992, a total of more than 2 million blue catfish, channel catfish, bluegill, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, coppernose bluegill, and walleye have been added.  During a recent Texas Parks and Wildlife survey, an 11.8 pound walleye was captured in a net.  There is a potential for record fish here.

Fishing isn't all Lake Palo Duro has to offer.  In addition to the wild turkeys casually strolling in 8900 + acre site, there are mule deer, white-tail deer, an occasional bobcat, and literally hundreds of bird species for bird watchers, including bobwhite and blue quail, geese, ducks, and a number of other water fowl.

From November through March, Derington said you can see bald eagles at the lake.  The spring and summer attracts Blue Heron and Cormorant.