Christmas 1999

 What's New with the Southwestern Pioneer Windmill Association
Dwayne Mitchell
 The SWPWA is presently working in several different areas, even though it has not erected a mill  since last fall.  The first area of effort is the restoration of mills themselves.  There is presently, in the barn, a Star, a Model L Monitor, and a Samson that has been re-restored and will be in place on the JB Buchanan farm 16 miles SW of Spearman.

Presently, Mr. Buchanan has a 10' Samson in his barn which is awaiting a tower.  The SWPWA is planning to build a tower for that mill so that it can go up in the park soon.

Meanwhile, Walter Woolley, Dwayne Mitchell, & Terry Schneider went 2 miles S of Beaver, Ok., to bring to Spearman a 6' Woodmanse Airmaster mill on a tower.  Restoration of that mill, except for the wheel, was done by Walter Woolley.  That mill was once owned by Joe McGrew of Beaver.  The SWPWA needs a 6' wheel for it and it will be ready to go.

At the same time, in the group of mills being readied to go up, is the Showtime Car Club's Challenge 27, a 12' mill that came from just North of White Deer, Texas.  The wheel and tail were galvanized at Denver, and Walter, both a Showtime Car Club and SWPWA member, did the bulk of  the restoration of the head.  The head and wheel were placed on a tower in the SWPWA's yard a couple of weeks ago By Walter Woolley, Julian Vilarreal, Don Reed, JD Wilbanks, Dwayne Mitchell, Roger Buchanan, and Chris Baloglou.  The Challenge 27 mill on a 30' tower will require a special crane to put it in place because of the height and weight.  The tower has to be extra heavy to carry the weight of a 12' wheel and head.  The tower was donated to the SWPWA by the Car Club and SWPWA member, Robert Novak.

The SWPWA wishes to express appreciation to Walter for the use of his roller and Five Star Equipment for use of a tractor.  Five Star Equipment hauled the roller from Walter's farm to Spearman, loaned a tractor to be used to pull the roller and then returned the roller to its home.  Alvin Byers of Five Star Equipment drove the truck to haul the extremely heavy roller to town.  The roller considerably smoothed out the clumps of grass and soil in the park and will probably be used again at a later time.

Don Maize and Ronnie WIllis have put up a 6' Monitor Windmill by their shop on Carson Street.  Carson Street is off Hwy 207 by Mark Sheet's business.  Also drop by the Claude Sheets on E Kenneth to see the addition to their display.  Both of these mills are privately owned, but they will be included on SWPWA's tours.

Spring not only brings flowers, but also windmills, and one day soon, 3-4 mills will go up.  Those mills will bring the # of mills in Spearman to over 20, and the countdown to June 2002 will continue!



                          Dempster #11

The Dempster #11, self oiling 10' wooden wheel mill at First State Bank is #8 in the brochure describing all the mills in spearman.

The Dempster #11 is a transitional windmill design of the 1920's.  The mill recognizes the need of self oiling mills and takes a step toward that goal.

The mill could be ordered with either a steel or wooden wheel. The FSB's mill is a wooden wheel beauty with white blades, tipped in red, and the trailing edge of the vane is outlined in red, and the lettering on the vane is in black. 

The Dempster #11 is governed like other mills in that the wheel is set slightly to one side so that as the winds get stronger, the wheel automatically turns toward the vane and out of the wind.  The mll can be completely shut off by a friction brake operated by wire from the ground.

The self lubrication is unusual.  A "dipper" form the oil reservoir to special channels feed the oil to the main bearing.


Commemorative Brick and Tile Sales begin April 2000
These bricks will be used at the entrance of the Windmill Park Highway 207.  They can be engraved with your name and a logo.
Bricks are $50.00
Tiles are $100.00
To order:  fill out the form below or contact Gina Gillispie @
The Spearman Chamber of Commerce
or hansfordagency@antden.com

SWPWA Board of Directors 2000
President, Roger Buchanan
Vice President, Steve Benton
Secretary/Treasurer Gina Gillispie
Britt Jarvis, Director
Joel Lee Lackey, Director
Orville Latham, Director
Irene Snider, Director
For more information, contact Gina Gillispie at the Spearman Chamber of Commerce @ 806-659-5555 or spearman@arn.net.
or hansfordgency@antden.com


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